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Submission Guidelines

The Centre for Business and Financial Laws (CBFL) at National Law University, Delhi (NLUD) operates the CBFL Blog to publish the latest updates relating to business, financial law and allied areas. We prefer articles based on emerging conflicts in law, notes about a recent case, recent legislation or recent legal developments. The blog accepts articles related to the following fields of law: 


  • Corporate Law

  • Competition Law

  • Banking and Finance Law

  • Insolvency Law

  • Employment Law

However, the themes are indicative rather than exhaustive and there is no requirement that the submission must fall in the above heads. Please note that the pieces are expected to be analytical in nature and descriptive articles will not be accepted. Please feel free to submit your article if you believe it aligns with the Centre’s mandate.

Nature of Submissions


  • The blog invites rolling submissions.

  • Co-authorship of up to (2) authors is allowed.

  • Submissions should be no shorter than 1000 words, and no longer than 1500 words with an abstract no longer than 50 words.

  • In an event where your chosen theme requires relaxation, we would be happy to consider it on a case by case basis. Please write to us regarding a word count relaxation and we would be happy to consider your request.

  • Presently, the blog only accepts articles in English. We are constantly working with our editing team to allow submissions in vernacular languages.


Plagiarism and Author Agreement


  • Submissions should be the original work of the contributor. All submissions are screened via plagiarism softwares and in an event where a submission is found plagiarized, the article will be summarily rejected. CBFL reserves the right to take further action against the author(s) as it deems fit.

  • The author is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of statement of facts, opinions or views in the submission.

  • Submissions should not contain content that is offensive, abusive, derogatory or potentially defamatory.


Formatting and Referencing

  • Abstract should not be more than 50-100 words. Abstract must not be added to the main article. It is only to be submitted in the submission form.

  • The submission must be word-processed. Font - Times New Roman, Font Size - 12, Line Spacing - 1.5, Paragraph Spacing - 6 above and 6 below. 

    • Title must be Bold and Underlined. The text of the title must be in Sentence Case, no all caps or small caps.

    • Heading 2 must be Bold.

    • Heading 3 must be  underlined

  • Margins must be one inch from all sides.  

  • All references must be in the form of hyperlinks in the body of the submission. Hyperlinks should be provided to all supporting materials and legal texts for the benefit of the readers. In case no hyperlink is available for any reference, use of endnotes is recommended. No speaking endnotes or footnotes are allowed.

  • In case of endnotes, the following formatting to be followed: Font - Times New Roman, Font Size - 10, Single Spacing between all lines.

  • No borders are to be used in the submission. No graphs and images are allowed unless it is necessary to illustrate the argument in the article. 

  • The submission must only be in a .doc/.docx format. The file name must be “Title_CBFL Blog''. The short title must capture the essence of the submission, and not be longer than ten words.

  • Metadata of the file or the submission body must in no event disclose identification of any kind, including the name and institutional affiliation of the author.

  • Submissions must only be made by filling this Google Form. Submissions made through any other medium will be summarily rejected. 

  • Once the Editorial Board receives the article, it will go through a rigorous editorial process and the decision about its acceptance or rejection shall be communicated to the authors within 7 days. It might, however, take up to 10-12 days for us to get back to you.

  • Adhering to all the formatting guidelines is mandatory.


All submissions made to the CBFL Blog are double blind refereed. Decision on publication is at the sole discretion of the Centre. Relaxation of any rules regarding submissions is subject to the discretion of the Board of Editors. On publication, all literary rights to the submission are transferred to the Centre for Business and Financial Laws, NLU Delhi. For further clarification, you may kindly send a mail with the subject ‘Query’ to .

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