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The Centre for Business and Financial Laws at National Law Univeristy Delhi is pleased to announce that it is nearing completion of a comprehensive pro-bono research  report on the status of Impact Bonds in India, in collaboration with Impactverse.

With a dedicated team of researchers, led by Prof. Ritu Gupta, this project aimed to delve deep into the legal and regulatory challenges that have hindered the scaling of impact bonds within the Indian context.

Impact investing, characterized by its dual objectives of financial returns and positive social or environmental impact, has gained significant prominence in recent years. However, navigating the intricate regulatory landscape has proven to be a formidable challenge. The project thus attempts to simplify the web of regulations that surround Impact Bonds. The report also includes policy recommendations to address regulatory challenges and facilitate the growth of socially responsible finance.

This collaborative effort signifies a commitment to fostering a more sustainable and socially responsible financial ecosystem in India.

The team for the project includes Prof. Ritu Gupta (Principal Investigator and Director, CBFL), Akshat Jain, Aniya Damathia, Anupama Bhattacharya, Hardik Choubey, Manya Mittal, Niveditha Chenoli and Sae Gaidhane.

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