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The Centre for Business and Financial Laws at National Law University Delhi is proud to announce the culmination of a year-long research White Paper on the direct selling industry, commissioned by the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA). The White Paper uncovers the regulatory landscape and potential gaps within the dynamic realm of direct selling in India.

Direct selling, a distinctive business model characterized by personalized interactions and product demonstrations, has been a significant part of India's commercial landscape for decades. However, its substantial growth in recent years, coupled with the entry of global giants into the market, has brought forth an urgent need for a meticulous examination of the existing regulatory framework.

This research initiative explores the different facets of direct selling, delving into its historical evolution, its transformative impact following the liberalization of India's economy in 1991, and its vast array of products and services. Within the pages of this White Paper, we undertake a rigorous analysis of the state of direct selling laws in India, identifying regulatory gaps and concerns that warrant attention.  The report will be publicly released soon.

The team for the project included includes Prof. Ritu Gupta (Principal Investigator and Director, CBFL), Rohit Raj and Varnika Agarwal (Research Fellows, Batch of 2023); Akshat Jain and Anupama Bhattacharya (Research Associates, Batch of 2026); and Kashish Jumani (Batch of 2027). 


We also thank Prof. M.S. Sahoo (Founding Chairperson, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India), Prof. Harpreet Kaur (Vice-Chancellor, National Law University Jodhpur and Former Registrar, NLU Delhi) and Prof. V.K. Singh (SRM University) for their expert review and comments.

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